Vocal Audition Pieces – Annie Get Your Gun

Annie Oakley ‘You can’t get a man with a gun’ encore pp 35-37 ‘Moonshine Lullaby’ pp 52-53

Frank Butler ‘The girl that I marry’ pp 28-29 ‘My defences are down’ pp 73-74

Buffalo Bill ‘There’s no business like show business’ pp 40- middle of 42 Sing all parts

Charlie Davenport ‘Colonel Buffalo Bill’ pp 7-11

Tommy Keeler ‘Who do you love I hope’ pp 99-100

Winnie Tate ‘Who do you love I hope’ pp 101-102

Foster Wilson ‘Doin’ what comes naturally’ pp 25-26 From ‘Sister Lu’ to ‘That comes naturally’

Children ‘Doin’ what comes naturally’ pp 21-22 From beginning to ‘That comes naturally’

Dialogue audition pieces

Annie Oakley - p16 pp 19/20

Frank Butler - pp 19/20 p 53

Sitting Bull - p 53

Buffalo Bill - p 23

Charlie Davenport - p23 pp 37/38

Foster Wilson - p 19

Tommy Keeler - p63

Winnie Tate - p63

Dolly Tate - pp 31/32

Pawnee Bill - pp 45/46

If you are interested in auditioning and/or would like further information, please contact:

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